Plant care

Your plants need a bit of love - the plant care

With the right fertilisation and light your plant will grow vigorously and healthy. But like in the rainforest there is a battle for light. Everyone wants to be the first and get the best place. Now it’s your turn to be an arbitrator. Many stem plants become long and only develop beautiful leaves in their upper regions. Other plants reproduce through stolons and grow in areas where they don’t belong. On some plants individual leaves will die off, whereas others grow so closely that they obstruct each other. Then action is required:

1. Trim off long-stemmed plants, insert them again and remove the “unsightly” lower part.

2. Thin out plants which are too close together and have hardly leaves left, to give them more space.

3. Cut off dead plant leaves at their stem to remove them.

4. Cut off leaves covered in algae to remove them.

5. Cut off stolons and remove them, if required.

6. Replace the fluorescent tubes once a year. Don’t replace them in one go if there are several tubes.

7. Renew root fertilisation with JBL PROFLORA 7 kuliček about twice a year.

8. Carry out liquid fertilisation with JBL PROFLORA Ferropol on a weekly basis.

9. Carry out daily fertilisation with JBL PROFLORA Ferropol 24 .

And that’s it! Plant care is not very time-consuming, but it’s really important to keep your plant stock beautiful and healthy in the LONG TERM.