Registrace produktu

Registering my JBL products

S registrací produktů JBL budete mít neustále přehled. Můžete spravovat nejen vaše nákupy a používané produkty, ale získáte také přístup k dalším informacím a službám souvisejícím s produkty JBL. Od krmiva, přes přísavky, až po vnější filtry – budete mít k dispozici vše přehledně a výhodně.

  • Product-related updates

    As soon as JBL has new insights or developments relevant to your products, you will receive information and promotions tailor-made to your product registrations.

  • Faster service and direct contact

    Do you need help for your products or have questions for which you can't find an answer? Registering your products will give you direct contact to our expert team.

  • Feedback

    Your experience with JBL products is important to us. Help us to modify our products to suit your needs better and let your voice be heard. Become a part of the JBL community and share your opinions. JBL products are continuously being refined and improved. Take this opportunity to contact us.

  • Additional information

    As well as classic product descriptions and trusted marketing statements we provide you with new information about your products and hobby daily. With frequently asked questions (FAQ) about product application, detailed posts in the myJBL blog and videos about product use the information sphere continues to evolve, even after purchase. Registering your products gives you direct access to this additional information.