JBL AccliPond
Prostředek k úpravě vody v jezírku pro aktivaci obranyschopnosti ryb

  • Přirozené prostředí pro ryby: Prostředek k úpravě vody pro aktivaci obranyschopnosti a na podporu kondice ryb
  • Jednoduché použití: Stanovte potřebné množství, smíchejte s vodou z jezírka v konvičce a rovnoměrně rozlijte do jezírka
  • Podpora tření, aktivace obranyschopnosti kvalitními rostlinnými extrakty a vitamíny, podpora vitality, normální látková výměna díky jodu, kyselina listová pro normální funkci imunitního systému
  • Transport ryb bez stresu, aklimatizace ryb v jezírku, po aplikaci léčiv
  • Balení obsahuje: prostředek k úpravě vody, AccliPond. Dávkování 40 ml na 800 l vody v jezírku
základní cena 48,96 EUR / l
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základní cena 24,42 EUR / l
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Informace o produktu

Zdravé prostředí v jezírku
Přísun čerstvé vody ze srážek, vodovodu nebo studny může mít na vodu v jezírku negativní vliv. Pravidelnou kontrolou hodnot vody lze negativní změny ihned odhalit a vyřešit a udržovat tak vodní prostředí v jezírku zdravé.

Zdravé ryby - zdravé jezírko
Prostředek na úpravu vody AccliPond s prospěšnými rostlinnými výtažky a vitamíny aktivuje obranyschopnost a podporuje vitalitu a zdraví ryb v jezírku. AccliPond usnadní odbourávání stresu při transportu ryb a podpoří jejich aklimatizaci. Jód přispívá k normální látkové výměně. Kyselina listová je ve vodě rozpustný vitamín B a napomáhá normalizovat funkci imunitního systému.

Správná aplikace léčiv
Lahvičku protřepejte. Potřebné množství rozpusťte v konvičce s vodou z jezírka a rovnoměrně rozlijte do jezírka.

40 ml na 800 l vody v jezírku.


JBL AccliPond 500 ml

č. výr.:
EAN kod:
0,5 l
Objem vody:
10000 l
0.850 l
Hrubá hmotnost:
578.700 g
Čistá hmotnost:
502 g
Faktor hmotnosti:
Rozměry balení (d / v / š):
40/220/97 mm

JBL AccliPond 5 l

č. výr.:
EAN kod:
5 l
Objem vody:
100000 l
6.340 l
Hrubá hmotnost:
5250.000 g
Čistá hmotnost:
5010 g
Faktor hmotnosti:
Rozměry balení (d / v / š):
190/230/145 mm

Technická data

Výška:230 mm
Délka:145 mm
Šířka:190 mm
How often can you redose?

The product contains many organic components which need to be broken down and absorbed. Therefore an additional dosing is only useful after 7-10 days. Otherwise we recommend you apply the product directly to the affected areas after a disease treatment or after adding new fish stock.

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Identifying Fish Diseases In The Pond Before It’s Too Late

Many pond owners believe that fish diseases are mainly introduced and passed on by sick fish. Fortunately this is very rarely the case and it’s mostly up to you whether your fish keep well and fit. More than 90 % of the diseases are caused by inappropriate living conditions, such as water values and inadequate nutrition!


Welcome New Arrivals!

You buy healthy fish and put them into your pond – and that’s it. But a few points have to be taken care of, so that all goes well. For the fish, this move is a completely different matter.


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The spot disease (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), also known as white spot disease or ichtyo, is caused by a parasite from the group of the single-celled animals.


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Koi Transport Part 3: From the airport to the garden pond

Before the customers can admirer their koi in the garden pond it will have passed through up to 52 hands. This is very stressful and a good immune system is imperative to ensure that it doesn’t end up diseased.


My favourite product: AccliPond

I have to admit I love this article. When I worked on sales displays I always had a display of it positioned near the packaging table.


Heavy Rainfalls Are Stressful For Your Fish

As a pond owner in autumn you not only have to deal with getting the pond ready for winter, you also have to struggle with heavy and frequent rainfalls.



JBL AccliPond® – the water police in a bottle

In springtime and when new pond fish are added – these are often the times when the immune system is at its weakest. Extreme temperature fluctuations and a metabolism which still is in an energy-saving mode increase the susceptibility to infections.



Viel Regen, weiches Wasser, schwankende pH-Werte = Stress für Ihre Fische

Das kühle und verregnete Wetter hat auch negative Auswirkungen auf Fische im Gartenteich.

Laboratoře a počítače

Jezírková laboratoř / kalkulačka

This worldwide unique pond laboratory gives you dedicated support to combat problems with algae and cloudiness in your pond.

Online nemocnice

Do you have ill fish and you don’t know what disease it is and how to treat it? Here you can diagnose diseases using photos or identification keys and you can find out where they come from and how to treat them. By showing you over 500 photos to identify and cure fish diseases, we enable you to find a diagnosis and solution.
Rádce (tematický svět)

Péče o jezírko

The different seasons (at least in Central Europe) require different care measures. Even in countries where there are no cold winters with minus degrees, factors like rainy seasons, dry seasons or perhaps a summer with particularly high temperatures all play a decisive role for the garden pond.

Nemoci ryb

In case your pond fish fall ill, we will show you which disease it is, and how to combat it reliably here.


A picture is worth a thousand words! This also applies to the subject of the garden pond. In short films we show you how to solve problems and use products.

Vysazování ryb

How do you add fish properly? How do you get them used to the new water values?

Péče o ryby

How do you protect your new fish? What to remember when caring for fish?

Nemoci ryb v jezírku

Which diseases affect pond fish and how can you combat them?

Ryby v jezírku

Which species of pond fish suit your pond? How many fish fit in the pond?


How do you feed your fish properly? What does professional feeding, for healthy and beautiful pond fish, actually involve?

Množství krmiva

How much should be fed? How do you know the right quantity?

Péče o vodu

What does water maintenance involve? Why is it important to look after your pond water?

Nedostatečná výživa

When is food too old? What leads to nutritional deficiencies?


Metals, ammonia and nitrite can lead to poisoning. What you can do in this case


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