JBL Biotopol

Water conditioner

JBL Biotopol
JBL Biotopol JBL Biotopol JBL Biotopol JBL Biotopol JBL Biotopol
  • Conditions tap water quickly to convert it into biotope aquarium water.
  • Noticeably protects the mucous membranes, gills, skin and fins.
  • For every water change and all new tanks.
  • Neutralizes toxic heavy metals (e.g. copper) and chlorine.
  • Vitamin B complex has been proven to reduce stress in fish.
  • Aloe vera plant extract protects the mucous membranes of the fish.

  • Many aquarists erroneously believe that their tap water is unchlorinated . But beware: after working on the water pipe system, water service providers heavily chlorinate it for disinfecting purposes. For this reason and especially to neutralize the heavy metals, such as copper, lead and zinc we strongly advise you to use JBL Biotopol. One valuable feature of JBL Biotopol is the ingredient aloe vera (a plant extract), which not only effectively protects the skin of humans but also of fish.