JBL NitratEX

Filter material for the rapid removal of nitrates

JBL NitratEX
JBL NitratEX JBL NitratEX JBL NitratEX JBL NitratEX
  • Only for freshwater aquariums.
  • Prevents and removes undesirable algae growth.
  • 250 ml (170 g) absorbs 9000 mg nitrate.
  • Filter bag included.
  • Suited for multiple use through easy reactivation with common salt.

  • There are two nitrate removers in the JBL range: JBL NitratEx offers quick help and is immediately effective from the first minute. Once the exchange capacity has been exhausted, it has to be regenerated with a sodium chloride solution (ion exchange principle). JBL BioNitrat EX is a substrate which provides a settlement area and food for nitrate-eliminating bacteria. After a certain activation period (several weeks) the bacteria break down the nitrate in a purely natural and biological way.
  • Those who have no time to wait or who already want to clean nitrate from tap water should choose JBL NitratEx.