Would you like to learn some interesting facts about your hobby or have a glimpse behind the scenes at JBL? Our team of experts regularly share tips, knowledge, and further information not to be found on any packaging or product. Use this opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Experience the expert team as never before.

Aquariums - living nature conservation


Almost four million households in Germany own at least one aquarium. According to animal rights activists, these people are contributing to the extinction of species.

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Cooling the aquarium in summer – Reduce the water temperature with the JBL PROTEMP COOLER x200


30 °C is the maximum water temperature for aquariums. Fish and plants can tolerate 30 °C for a short time, but the invertebrates in seawater soon die after a very short time.

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A nursery for corals


What do you do when hurricanes and climate change wipe out the corals on the tops of the Caribbean coral reefs? It’s quite simple: you build them a nursery.

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JBL TV #37: Substrate heating yes or no? Advantages for aquarium plants.


A undergravel heating cable promotes the root formation of aquarium plants and supplies them with many nutrients.

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Biotopes in the tropics - is there anything more exciting?


Our first Colombia expedition in February 22 gave us the opportunity to spend a lot of time observing our fish in their natural habitats

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Dream destinations for aquarists - The Pantanal


Most of us go on holiday. Some go to the Black Forest and some go to Hawaii - our tastes, time constraints and financial means are as varied as the dream destinations on this earth. But one thing unites us all: our enthusiasm for aquatic habitats!

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Fertilise your aquarium plants with a BIO CO2 system - get started quickly and at a reasonable price


The JBL PROFLORA CO2 BIO system offers you a choice of 3 variants which produce CO2 via a biological sugar-yeast reaction.

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Perfect plant growth in your aquarium with the JBL PROFLORA CO2 System


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main food for your aquarium plants. With the help of a CO2 system you supply your plants with enough CO2 so that they can grow vigorously and healthily.

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Costa Rica - the ideal destination for solo travellers too


Central America can be tricky: most countries there, or at least large parts of them, are seen as problematic. Costa Rica, on the other hand, is the innocent lamb with the lowest crime rate of all Central American countries.

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Belize - an insider tip for aquarists!


If the pilot asks you ten minutes after take-off where you want to go, there is a good chance that tourism has not yet conquered this country.

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JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL v2 - New app with geo data query and weather simulation


This new app gives your control unit a firmware update to improve its stability and control options and enables future updates to the app.

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JBL TV #36: Home moving with an aquarium - How to move smoothly from A to B


If a home move with the aquarium is well prepared, it will not cause any problems.

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Insights from the JBL Expedition Colombia 2022 with Patrick Suiver


We’ve had the widest mix of people on the JBL expeditions: famous scientists, biologists and actors. This time we had Patrick Suiver from Oldenburg with us in Colombia. He is an up-and-coming influencer who gets people excited about fish and was himself inspired by the unique natural environments of South America.

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Vietnam - more than just Rambo


To be quite honest, when I first turned my attention to Vietnam I didn't really know much about it. I imagined something from Vietnam war films like Apocalypse Now and of course Rambo.

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DIY themed aquarium v2 - LED SOLAR CONTROL in expert mode


As you have probably already noticed, we have launched a completely new and stand-alone version 2 of the app.

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Lake Malawi - a holiday in a giant aquarium


Anyone who has ever kept colourful Malawi cichlids in their aquarium must want to see these great fish in their natural environment.

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JBL TV #35: Water change in the aquarium - Why? How? When?


Every 2 weeks 1/3 of the aquarium water needs to be renewed instead of just replenishing the evaporated water.

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KOI: Are you feeding them to live, or just exist?


The problem with fish is their enormous capacity for tolerating bad practices. They can be fed the wrong food for a long time and survive it. But if you take a close look at your koi, you will notice clear differences in them, depending on which feed you use: their health, body shape, colouring, growth and activity - these are all factors where you can see...

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Maintaining seals properly - tips on maintenance and durability


Seals need to be in good condition otherwise leaks can occur.

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JBL PROMEAL - The food box for aquarium and terrarium keepers


The first JBL PROMEAL food box gives you the choice of the following dishes.

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