Manuals (catalogue)


Download the JBL manuals as a PDF file. That way you’ll always have all the information to hand. You can save the manuals on your device and print it out completely or in sections. You will find pictures and product descriptions of EVERY JBL product in the fields of aquarium, terrarium and pond here, all laid out in a clear format and with a large variety of additional information about your hobby. Further down on this page you can also have your personal copy sent to your home.

Aquarium Catalogue 2021/2022

Get an outline of all the new products released by JBL by the end of 2021 or due by the end of 2022. Find out more about the features, benefits and product details of all the new JBL products, which are presented comprehensively over 80 pages.


Water test brochure PROAQUATEST

Testing water - the most important step to understanding your aquarium! We will show you what tests are available, how to carry out tests correctly, exactly what the individual water values mean and what range they need to fall within. And new this time is an outline of the water values in the differing habitats worldwide, as determined on JBL expeditions. And there is also a water analysis sheet to enter the water values you measure.


Terrarium Manual 2.0

Dear Terrarium Enthusiast, Surveys have shown that the number of terrarium owners in Germany is again rising slightly. Turtles are still in first place, followed by snakes. Insect keeping occupies the last place, even though insects make up an incredibly large animal spectrum with one million species! I am very happy about this development and we are hearing similar reports from many other countries. Sometimes we develop products for aquaristics, like the JBL LED SOLAR lamps, which are nevertheless tried out by terrarium owners. When they excitedly tell me how much better their aquarium plants are growing, it makes me very proud of my team. We put a lot of effort and time into product development and are naturally really pleased to hear such success stories! I wish you all a lot of fun with this new edition of our terrarium manual which is now even more comprehensive! Sincerely Roland Böhme General Manager JBL


Pond Manual 2.0

Dear Pond Enthusiast, The very size of this new pond manual tells you that we have completely reworked the pond and koi sections. Our cordial connection to top Japanese koi breeders has resulted in this increase in top knowledge, and we are happy to share it with you. Garden ponds are contemporary and fashionable. Our team at JBL develops the pond products to keep your fish healthy and algae under control. Changes in legislation mean that new requirements are constantly being made. As a result, some products have been discontinued. However our research department has always managed to develop new and legally compliant products, so that you can continue to enjoy pursuing the wonderful hobby that is pond care! Best regards Your Roland Böhme Managing Director JBL


Aquarium manual

Dear Aquarium Enthusiasts, ONE aquarium manual instead of many small booklets – for reasons of sustainability that was our aim. I have changed over to the new JBL LED lights in my own aquarium at home and I am absolutely thrilled with them! Our research department has succeeded in developing a full spectrum LED technology which works perfectly for aquarium plants. After all not every LED is suitable for our very specific aquatic demands. Scientists have developed the PAR value as a unit of measurement, which shows how much LED light is being created and made available to the plants. This means we can immediately see if an LED is promoting plant growth. Here’s wishing you all future enjoyment in the exciting field of aquatics! Warmest greetings Roland Böhme



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