A huge diminutive: the new JBL CristalProfi m greenline

This new filter system is a must for every aquarium between 20 and 80 litres! At last a small filter which, despite its unprepossessing appearance, unites many superlatives:

  1. Safe for shrimps: the filter mat acts as a large surface separation area
  2. Space for problem-solving filter materials (activated carbon, phosphate and nitrate removers etc.)
  3. Extendable by additional modules (one or more)
  4. Innovative suction mounting with a vacuum lever for easy suction and release of the suction cup
  5. Only 3.5 W: energy-saving pump with 200 l/h output
  6. Drain valve for water (when lifting the filter out of the aquarium)
  7. Clip-on cover panel (service cover) to close the filter mat when taking it out, to prevent the flow back of dirty water
  8. Wide jet water return pipe to prevent loss of CO2 and thus promote perfect plant growth
  9. Minimum mounting dimensions: 12.8 x 1.4 to 6.5 x 19 cm (L x W x H)
  10. Clip holder for attached mini thermometer
  11. 4 year warranty

Eleven reasons (it’s World Cup time!) for the perfect filter in small to medium sized aquariums!

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