JBL Soil – Even the world champions are raving about this

Aquascapers can be picky. The tools are too long or they are too short. The fertilizers are too weak or too concentrated. Only on one subject do they all agree - JBL Soil. It isn’t as muddy as the others, it has a lower ammonium emission and it’s available in beige at last. Above all, there are two types of soil, to give the aquarist a choice between a scaping version for plants and a version without nutrients for shrimps.

14 selected aquascapers, who between them have already won a multitude of competitions, tested the soils thoroughly before they were approved for sale. They awarded both JBL Soils (JBL ProScape Plant Soil & JBL ProScape Shrimp Soil) with the test result “highly recommended”.

JBL offers these highly recommended soils in two colours. Each comes in 3 and 9 litres packaging sizes and there are two types PlantSoil (loaded with nutrients) and ShrimpSoil (without nutrients).

For detailed information: www.proscape.de

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