JBL decides not to have a nitrite minus liquid product

It’s a good job JBL has such capable scientists in its research department! Our competitors had brought out a liquid product to combat nitrite and some of our customers were asking us when JBL would launch one too. The scientists at JBL found some serious drawbacks in this product and decided that a bacterial product such as JBL Denitrol was clearly, undoubtably better!

In the competitor product, NO2 is bound to an organic active ingredient molecule in the form of an amine. This means that although the NO2 can no longer be measured, it is still present in the aquarium water bound to the active ingredient. Over time, the bacteria living in the aquarium degrade the active ingredient again and thus the NO2 is also released again. This is not a sustainable solution and in the worst case it’s a time bomb! If there is a current nitrite problem, JBL experts recommend an immediate partial water change of 30-40% and the addition of a double dose of JBL Denitrol (bacteria). Although the bacteria need a few hours to develop, they will then break down any nitrite present reliably and sustainably. And the most important measure is still to come: why was there an increase in nitrite in the aquarium in the first place? There should be no detectable nitrite in a functioning aquarium!

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