Potencia que mueve montañas

¿Está listo para una aventura veraniega? Entonces aproveche la oportunidad y gane uno de tres filtros exteriores completamente nuevos JBL CristalProfi e902 greenline. Claro como el aire fresco de las montañas y vigoroso como la suave brisa de verano. Su acuario le agradecerá el uso de este forzudo.

Así funciona

Asegúrese hasta el 15/07/2017 a las 23:59 horas la oportunidad de ganar uno de tres filtros exteriores JBL CristalProfi e902 greenline para un agua de acuario cristalina. Simplemente pulse el siguiente botón «Participar». Por lo demás, se aplican nuestras actuales Bases de participación.


Carbonate Hardness – The Life Insurance for the Aquarium

The carbonate hardness (not the general hardness!) contains components which stabilize the pH level. They prevent extreme pH levels and ensure the aquarium functions properly.

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Identifying Diseases and Deficiency Symptoms Before It’s Too Late

Is one of your aquarium dwellers acting oddly or looking different? This could be a first sign of disease.

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Tip: How to replace internal & external filters properly.

Every aquarium owner knows the situation: a filter needs to be replaced, but you’re not sure what the best way is to do it. Nobody wants to risk disturbing the filter bacteria because this could endanger the wellbeing of the aquarium dwellers.

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Inside JBL: videos and exclusive insights into the new food production hall

Take this unique opportunity to accompany us on a tour through our new production area, where up to 35 tons of food is manufactured per day.

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Plant aquarium in fast motion with or without CO2

Have you ever had the chance to see how big the difference really is between a plant aquarium with and without CO2 fertilisation?

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The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation

A lot of aquarists are talking about liquid CO2, which is said to be able to replace a conventional pressurized gas system or a bio-CO2 system.

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