Checking the Pond’s Water Stability in Autumn and Winter

The most annoying thing about autumn and winter is RAIN!

Even if there are occasional spells of fine weather, those seasons are characterised by frequent rainfall. And our ponds lie exposed to it. They have no drainage to remove the rainwater from the system. Because rainwater is soft water, the carbonate hardness (KH) and general hardness (GH) gradually decrease (diluting effect) – while at the same time biological processes in the pond consume a part of the KH. Who or what makes sure that these parameters don’t drop below a critical level? We, as pond owners, do that!

It is therefore particularly important in this annual period to pay attention to sufficient water stability. The °dKH value needs to be higher than 4. This can easily be checked with the JBL PondCheck . If this value is too low you can compensate this deficiency with JBL StabiloPond Basis .

Suggerimenti professionali

Water tests, even at low temperatures? A subject constantly under discussion amongst experts is whether the drop test also indicates reliable results during the cold season. Please be assured: it works! The deviations within the scales of the colour charts are so small that this effect is indiscernible. We have useful information on this topic here: I test dell’acqua funzionano anche a basse temperature?

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