JBL Brings Out The Latest LED Technology

There was a bit of a wait, but now the JBL development department has managed it. Until now LED have been only employed in the technical sector and in the home. The light spectrum of aquatic plants, however, varies considerably from the spectrum in the home or LEDs torches. Here we are talking about the photosynthetically active radiation range of light, called PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation), and a full spectrum which contains the TOTAL range within the visible light spectrum. Using these two components we have managed to manufacture the perfect light for aquarium plants!

JBL offers a basic version (JBL LED SOLAR Natur), which supplies a higher light output to the aquarium and the plants WITHOUT colour LEDs. A remote control unit (included) enables gradual dimming and the choice of three colour temperatures. The LEDs can either be inserted into existing light fittings (T5/T8) or positioned on the aquarium rim. All holders and adapters are included.

Additionally JBL offers an LED light with colour LEDs for effects which can be operated by app using an additional control unit (JBL LED SOLAR Control WiFi). Our biotope lightings, which reproduce the natural light conditions of these local areas during the dry or rainy season, are really worth seeing. We have even included an acclimatisation programme for aquatic plants to get used to the LED lighting, which is stronger than tube lighting. It was well worth waiting for the perfect LED aquarium lighting - and here they are!

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