Lago de jardim

Having a functioning, healthy and algae-free pond is not magic!

A pond is like a car: there are different types and they need some maintenance. Of course you can drive your car without any care or inspection, but it will cost you more later if you have to buy a new engine instead of having regular oil changes. And you don’t need to worry about the varnish either, if you can live with a few scratches and a faded paint tone.

If you just let your pond run on, you’ll have to live with the consequences: The pond will be silted up, will contain more and more nutrients and will end up a paradise for algae. Parasites may spread and sort out the plants for you. With a little basic water, plant and fish care, you can prevent problems and ensure that your paint - sorry pond - always looks the way you want it to! Specialists and practitioners will tell you exactly how you should maintain your pond so that it meets your expectations!

Natural pond or artificial pond?

About the differences between the two types of pond and the living creatures in and around the pond.


werden diese optimal gepflegt? Why are plants so important for your pond? What species are there and how do you best look after them?