Pretende mandar calcular a quantidade certa de fertilizante para o seu aquário, ver um filme para se informar sobre um produto ou descarregar um catálogo da JBL? Aqui, na área dos serviços encontrará além disso, também, o prolongamento da garantia para os produtos técnicos da JBL e respostas às perguntas mais frequentes que têm vindo a ser feitas até aqui.

Laboratórios / Calculadoras

Laboratório/calculadora para lagos

This worldwide unique pond laboratory gives you dedicated support to combat problems with algae and cloudiness in your pond.

Análise da água, laboratório online

Enter your water parameters and get an in-depth analysis of your values in a matter of seconds. You enter your water values – and we analyse! Here you have the opportunity to enter the measured water values directly into the JBL Online Laboratory. This will analyse your values and explain and submit corrective measures.

Hospital online

Do you have ill fish and you don’t know what disease it is and how to treat it? Here you can diagnose diseases using photos or identification keys and you can find out where they come from and how to treat them. By showing you over 500 photos to identify and cure fish diseases, we enable you to find a diagnosis and solution.

Calculador de dosagem ProScape

Here you can calculate the optimal supply for your aquarium with the JBL ProScape fertilizers. In order to supply the aquatic plants with exactly the right amount of fertilizer, we recommend dosing in two steps.

Calculador de substrato ProScape

Find out what quantities of the various substrates you require. Please choose the suitable product from the summary selection. Then enter the surface and the height the substrate needs to cover here.

Calculador de luz ProScape

To find out the specific illumination intensity in your aquarium. Light - the motor of photosynthesis – is, along with the water parameters and the type and quantity of planting, also of crucial importance for plant growth.

Páginas de destino

ProPond® / NEO Index®

Feed your animals throughout the year with the natural, balanced JBL ProPond fish food, to keep them healthy and active for the long-term. All ProPond products of the the physiological-nutritional concept contain high-quality ingredients in accordance with the NEO Index®.


JBL has revolutionized water testing and can turn your smartphone into your personal water test center by means of a free app. All test results will be directly displayed in numerical values and additionally evaluated (good, medium, poor). There’s no quicker and more accurate way to analyse the water, get to the bottom of problems or just check whether the fish and plants are in their comfort zone.


Sooner or later every aquarist reaches the point where he wants more than "just" an aquarium with fish and plants. Perhaps he wants to simulate a landscape above water, such as a mountain range with woods or some special habitat (biotope), inside his aquarium. This is the first step to becoming a proscaper!


It is a fact that every fish, excluding the absolute specialist feeder, lives off the plankton passing by in its natural habitat. JBL has now found a way to keep pure arctic plankton harvest fresh and long lastingly packed without artificial preservatives. As a result you now have the opportunity, for the very first time to feed your aquarium fish with freshly caught plankton.

Conceito 1-2-3 livre de algas

Sooner or later every pond owner has to deal with the algae issue. Sometimes I’s the first time they’ve had to think about it and sometimes they have tried out various methods and treatments – unfortunately without any long term success. JBL has put scientists to work on that problem and they have worked out a concept which will guarantee success.

Catálogo para aquários, terrários e lagos de jardim

Manuais (catálogo)

Descarregue aqui os catálogos e manuais JBL diretamente como ficheiro PDF. Dessa forma tem sempre todas as informações à mão. Pode guardar os catálogos e manuais no seu dispositivo e imprimi-los total ou parcialmente. Aqui encontrará as descrições de TODOS os produtos JBL nas áreas de aquário, terrário e lago de jardim, de forma clara e compreensível, com vastas informações adicionais sobre o seu hobby.



Here you will find a wide selection of brochures and guide booklets, as well as videos about the use and installation of JBL products, and other aquaristic issues.


Here you will find a wide selection of brochures and guide booklets, as well as videos about the use and installation of JBL products, and other terraristic matters.


Here you will find a wide selection of brochures and guide booklets, as well as videos about the use and installation of JBL products, and other pond issues.

Garantia de satisfação dos clientes - 100% de qualidade para 100% de satisfação

Satisfação dos clientes

We would like to offer you the greatest possible security when purchasing JBL products and remove the risk of making the wrong purchase. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with one of our products, we will exchange the product, help you with minor defects by repairing it or refund the purchase price. At any time!

JBL GarantiePlus - A garantia prolongada de quatro anos


Com a extensão de garantia JBL GarantiePlus assegura a sua garantia alargada extra-longa de 4 anos para o seu produto JBL a partir da data da compra. Não deixe de aproveitar o seu direito de garantia alargado!

Registo de produtos

Registo de produtos

Com o registo de produtos da JBL, pode manter sempre tudo sob controlo. Pode gerir não só as suas compras e produtos usados, mas ter também acesso às informações de base e aos serviços relacionados com os seus produtos JBL.

FAQ – Perguntas mais frequentes


Existem muitas perguntas que são tão interessantes que não devem ser privadas de todos os outros. É por isso, que existe a secção FAQ (frequently asked questions) “Perguntas mais frequentes“, onde pode pesquisar a sua pergunta por ordem alfabética ou usando uma palavra-chave.

Vendedores especializados na sua proximidade

Busca de comerciante

Por favor, introduza o seu endereço ou a sua localização atual. A pesquisa indicar-lhe-á todas as lojas com parceria JBL na sua proximidade.

Centro do serviço de apoio ao cliente

Centro do serviço de apoio ao cliente

For technical questions about a JBL product or your hobby the JBL team of experts will help you with personal guidance in the customer service center.