Tratamento de plantas

Here’s how to maintain your aquarium plants

If you DON’T care for your plants they will become too long, sprawl everywhere but where they should be or grow badly. Perfect plant care needs a bit of attention. They are amongst your most important aquarium dwellers after all!


You can indeed regard your aquarium as a garden: except for the watering of the plants, many activities are quite similar. Gardening in the aquarium means pruning plants, thinning and removing dead leaves.

Tratamento de plantas

What care do your plants need in the aquarium?


Since your aquarium plants need more than water and love, treat them to some minerals and trace elements. The substances available in the water are not sufficient for vigorous and healthy plant growth.


Why do aquarium plants need to be fertilised?

Technical issues

If your plants are properly cared for and fertilised, you still only require the right light and a basic supply of their main nutrient CO2. For this purpose the JBL SOLAR light system and a selection of CO2 fertiliser systems are available for you.


Why is CO2 so important for plant care? What benefits does CO2 fertilisation provide?


How do you light your aquarium properly? Which aquarium lighting is best?