Компания JBL знает толк в охлаждении

Summer and winter are a good thing, but not for aquariums! JBL provides a remedy with its cooling concept.

In warm countries and in cold countries in summer, water temperatures sometimes exceed 29 °C. This spells trouble for many kinds of fish, and especially for aquatic plants. Ice cubes and cool packs in an aquarium aren’t really the solution. JBL utilises the physical effect of heat loss from evaporation to lower high water temperatures. The JBL Cooler consists of ventilators which are mounted in such a way that they blow an air current across the surface of the water. This increases water evaporation, which leads to heat loss. The heat loss from evaporation can decrease the water temperature by 2 – 4 °C. The evaporated water should NOT be replaced with mains water, as this would increase the mineral content (general hardness) of the water. It is preferable to use water from a reverse osmosis system Осмос 120 or distilled water. The JBL Coolers are available in three sizes which come complete with a mount for tanks of 60 to 300 litres.

Controlled cooling: JBL provides a control device with a temperature sensor (JBL CoolControl) for the JBL Cooler which switches off the Cooler when the set temperature has been reached. A dial is used to set the maximum temperature, and the control cable is plugged into the Cooler. As soon as the set maximum temperature has been reached, the JBL CoolControl supplies the Cooler with electricity and turns the electricity off again as soon as the temperature drops below the set maximum temperature. The JBL Cooler 100 and the JBL CoolControl are effective, reasonably priced alternatives for expensive cooling units if a 4 °C temperature reduction is enough and if the tank has a maximum of 300 litres.

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