Frost can’t harm JBL bacteria starter any more

Till now, JBL bacteria starters were delivered with special polystyrene heat packs during frost periods or, in very low temperatures, not delivered at all. This is now a thing of the past!

A microbiologist at JBL has succeeded in making JBL products with living bacteria frost-proof. An increase in the concentration of the substances dissolved in the bacterial cells has resulted in a lowering of the freezing point which prevents the intracellular formation of ice crystals until -4 °C (it’s similar to road salt). The microbial activity of the JBL products is also reduced. Below -4 °C, cryoprotectants, which increase viscosity, protect the cell membranes of the bacterial cells from any ice crystals and prevent any removal of water (dehydration). Within the bacterial cells, the lowering of the freezing point in turn counteracts the formation of ice crystals. Degradation tests of ammonium and nitrite before and after freezing showed an identical degradation performance of 100 %! This special preparation of the bacterial products applies to: JBL Denitrol , JBL FilterStart , JBL PROCLEAN BAC , JBL BactoPond , JBL FilterStart Pond

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