JBL Water Tests Now Even Better

Scientists, aquarium owners, pond enthusiasts, and especially those who need reliable, accurate water tests, use JBL water tests. Over the years, the JBL development team has been collecting and is now ready to implement your suggestions for improvements. An example of this are the folding cartons, on which pictograms show at a glance whether the test is suitable for fresh water, marine water and/or ponds. These pictograms are repeated on the colour bars of the colour charts where you read the recommended ranges. The colour change tests (GH, KH, Mg/Ca) now also include a syringe so you can measure the correct amount of water easily and accurately. The JBL PROAQUATEST NO3 Nitrate has been newly developed and displays freshwater and marine water values very accurately, even in cases of slight user errors (e.g. too gentle or too brief shaking). The inner parts of the test cases have been improved so that all the reagent bottles and cuvettes can be securely placed in recesses.

To match the new JBL ProAqua water tests, there are new posters for pet accessory retailers showing all the new colour charts with short instructions and their recommended ranges of application. 100 x 37 cm, waterproof laminated and provided with adhesive strips.

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