Social Escape – an aquarium slowly and relaxingly takes shape and is the antidote to burn out.

Social Escape is a private aquarium project of JBL’s online marketing manager Matthias Wiesensee and his friends Adrie Baumann ( Aquascaping Symphony ) and Lucas Müller ( GarnelenTV ).

What does the name mean? It reflects a part of my life. Social stands for online marketing and social media. Escape means a way out of our fast moving digital lives and a way into another world. A balancing haven of peace and relaxation. The oasis for recuperation and gathering new ideas for the creation of a great hobby – our hobby. What better to help us than a wonderful aquarium? The project needed a name and I decided that the title doesn’t need to describe what you see, but what it means for the owner (and that’s me here).

Do your aquariums also have a name?

The world aquascaping champion Adrie Baumann and I set up this aquarium with loving care at my home in a weekend, once we had conducted detailed preliminary planning as to what and how to put my ideas into action. My flat became a film set, with covered up doors and windows, several large studio lamps and a film crew issuing instructions. Of course we could have done it all in private, but then you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy these step-by-step videos. You would have had to make do with a couple of snapshots.

The whole project was also supported by компания Tropica Aquarium Plants , Denmark, who contributed the magnificent in vitro plants and by StreamBiz who contributed the LED lights Zetlight QMaven Q6500.

Details of the aquarium:

IHM white glass aquarium 130 cm white (approx. 350 litres)


  • 20x 003B POR : Taxiphyllum barbieri
  • 5x 002F POR : Fissidens fontanus
  • 5x003D POR : Riccardia chamedryfolia
  • 5x 067A TC: Echinodorus tenellus 'Green'
  • 15x 132B TC: Eleocharis acicularis 'Mini'
  • 5x 003F TC: Fontinalis antipyretica
  • 10x 132C POT: Eleocharis parvula
  • 10x 045A POT: Glossostigma elatinoides
  • 5x 048A POT: Hemianthus micranthemoides
  • 5x 039B POT: Hydrocotyle tripartita
  • 2x 008G POT: Microsorum pteropus ‚Trident‘
  • 5x 033A POT: Rotala 'Green'
  • 5x 033 POT: Rotala rotundifolia

Animal stock:

  • 20x Neritina pulligera - dusky nerite
  • 125x Paracheirodon simulans - green neon tetra
  • 60x Corydoras habrosus
  • 250x Caridina logemanni - golden bee shrimp


  • approx. 100kg black basalt (stones)
  • 2 large sections of dried Savannah wood

Technical equipment:

JBL ProFlora m2003

JBL ProFlora m001 duo

JBL ProFlora CO2 Count Safe

JBL ProFlora Taifun P

JBL ProFlow u800

Zetlight QMAVEN TZ6500 white (2 lamps with 90 W each)

Arka Vida GT 4 dosing computer

Care products:

JBL Testlab ProScape

JBL ProScape Fe +Microelements

JBL ProScape NPK Macroelements

JBL Denitrol

JBL Aquadur

JBL Clynol



JBL Fish handling cup

JBL ProScape Cleaning Glove

JBL ProScape Plantis

JBL AquaPad

JBL Haru

JBL AquaEx Set 20-45

JBL Blanki

JBL Coarse Filter Foam

JBL ProScape Tool Bag

JBL ProScape Tool S straight

JBL ProScape Tool S curved

JBL ProScape Tool S wave

JBL ProScape Tool S spring

JBL ProScape Tool P straight

JBL ProScape Tool P slim line

JBL ProScape Tool P curved

JBL ProScape Tool SP straight


JBL ProScape Volcano Powder

JBL ProScape Volcano Mineral


JBL ProScape Plant Soil BROWN

If you like the following video please leave us your comment under the post. Are you also interested in the further run-in phase with everything working? Would you like to know how the aquarium evolved? We would be happy to provide you with a series about that too.

© 08.10.2016
Matthias Wiesensee
Matthias Wiesensee
M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik

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Обо мне: Seit Teenagerzeiten mit Aquarien in Kontakt. Klassische Fischaquarien, reine Pflanzenaquarien bis hin zum Aquascape. Aber auch ein Gartenteich und Riffaquarien begleiten mich privat im Hobby. Als Wirtschaftsinformatiker, M.Sc. bin ich als Online Marketing Manager bei JBL für die Bereiche Social Media, Webentwicklung und der Kommunikation mit dem Anwender der JBL Produkte zuständig und kenne die JBL Produkte im Detail.


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