The Rainforest Terrarium Part 3 - Heating

The rainforest is characterized by even temperatures. Unlike in other areas of origin of our terrarium animals, the temperatures vary only slowly here and nowhere near as much as they do in the desert or on a mountain landscape.

This has an effect on the technical planning of the terrarium.

You can keep the bottom area warm with an undergravel heating, such as the TerraTemp heatmat. The daily lighting can also contribute to the heating. You can find further tips in this “How To” booklet.

With large terrariums you can attach an additional heating mat to the panes if the desired temperature has not been reached. Climbing animals especially love the heated surfaces.

Existing water areas can be heated with an aquarium heater ( Внутренние и внешние нагреватели PROTEMP ). This is especially ideal for turtles, water inhabiting lizards and snakes.

If real “sun lovers“ live in the terrarium you can additionally use spotlights ( JBL UV-Spot plus , JBL ReptilDesert L-U-W Light alu и JBL ReptilJungle L-U-W Light alu ) to heat the land part, as well as to add brightness and UV radiation. Stone plateaus store heat and are a well-loved spots for animals.

Especially after initial setups you need to monitor the air temperature, the floor temperature and the temperature where the animals sun themselves and make any necessary corrections in good time.

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