JBL Fertiliser Suitable for LED

What has fertiliser to do with the lighting? Actually nothing but also everything!

Each dosing recommendation of a fertiliser is adjusted to “normal lighting”. If the aquarium owner increases the illumination the aquarium plants will consume more fertiliser. Previous fertilisers were modified to the conditions created by fluorescent tubes. But state of the art LED lighting, such as the upcoming JBL LED SOLAR, create twice as much light as fluorescent tubes. This means the fertiliser composition and/or the dosing needs to be reassessed. Comprehensive trials conducted by JBL research have tested how the composition and the dosing of the newest, only months old, JBL Ferropol suit the light intensity of LEDs. The trial results show that the JBL Ferropol fertiliser range harmonises perfectly with stronger LED lighting and only needed to be adapted slightly. The complete fertiliser range will receive the icon “LED tested” on its new packaging.

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