Hint Okyanusu Keşif Gezisi

Hint Okyanusu Keşif Gezisi 2018

Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles in 16 days

Every single destination of this expedition would have been worth a trip of its own, but it was the sum of the destinations one after another that made it so special. Whale sharks, day geckos & chameleons, Mauritius anyway and the dream islands of the Seychelles. For us aquarium and terrarium friends, these are very special destinations.

    With the whale sharks in the north of Madagascar

    On TV everyone has probably seen the biggest fish of our seas, but swimming live next to a whale shark is something very special. But how do you find the peaceful giants in the open sea?

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    To the geckos and chameleons in the jungle of Madagascar

    The jungle of Madagascar is a dream destination for reptile lovers with its many chameleons and geckos. But what use is this diversity of species to us if our guide is dashing us through the forests in a run? We had to find our own solution…

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    Mauritius - a pearl in the Indian Ocean

    The capital of Madagascar is not only notorious for muggings, but unfortunately also for poverty. Experiencing this poverty right in front of your hotel is hard.

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    At a marine fish exporter’s and the most expensive fish in Mauritius

    Mauritius is not only a jewel in the Indian Ocean, but also very exciting for us because of a wreck in 25 m depth. Why do the corals grow more slowly here than in Madagascar?

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    The Seychelles - above water a paradise, under water a bit nondescript

    Above water the Seychelles are an absolute paradise. But the same can’t be said for under water. Are the Seychelles worth doing aquaristic research in?

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    Underwater feeding on what is probably the most beautiful island in the world

    The small island of La Digue became world famous through the Bacardi advertising. The tourists were flabbergasted when we fed the fish in the shallow water. Would the reef dwellers eat our aquarium fish food?

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