The JBL Halloween Competition 2019

It’s cool to be scary at Halloween. Shock us with your entry. Simply click on the "Participate" button and you will be given the chance to win one of three big vouchers as the main prize. The JBL team wishes you a scary Halloween and a lot of fun with the myJBL Competition.

К сожалению, конкурс уже закончился. Скоро здесь появится новый конкурс. Просто загляните снова через некоторое время.


    Frank Lünenstraß , Irene Kalusa, Sascha Lingemann

Enter by 23:59:59 on October 31, 2019 and win one of three 150 euro vouchers to fulfil your product wishes from the JBL range.


ADM Team Florian Neumann: The River in Massa Gorge

In the middle of the Massa Gorge, with a view of the Valais Alps, there is a river which leads through a marvellous landscape with steep slopes and trees. In summer there is a beautiful green area with a fabulous view.

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When snails in the aquarium become a problem

Snails are welcome inhabitants in the aquarium and fulfil important tasks. However, there are also snail species that are hermaphroditic and seem to reproduce uncontrollably when a large food supply is present.

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Schildkröten Auffangstation – Ein Herzensprojekt in der Slowakei

Jeden Tag eine gute Tat – jeden Tag das Hobby etwas besser machen. Nach diesem Leitsatz arbeiten und handeln wir bei JBL. . Aus diesem Grund hat uns die Nachricht von Veronika Šamajová aus der Slowakei sehr bewegt.

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Moving With Your Aquarium – The Checklist

But wait, how do I transport my aquarium(s) from A to B? What ’s important here? We have put together a checklist-like post that explains the process, so you won’t forget anything.

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