Autumn Feeding – Preparing your Pond Fish for the Winter

If you take the right steps now your fish will survive the winter, the low water temperatures and the ice cover on your pond, and stay fit and healthy. They even will be spared the dreaded spring viraemia. Therefore the most important preventive measure is to take a bit of care while feeding your fish in autumn!

After you have fed your fish in spring and summer with floating food, the JBL ProPond Autumn M

will sink to the bottom. This means they can continue to unwind for the winter without needing to exert themselves unnecessarily for feeding at the water surface.

The autumn water temperatures slowly sink from 20 to 10 °C. Because these water temperatures are identical to these in spring, the protein/fat ratio of the spring and autumn food with 3:1 is also the same (NEO index). But the food ingredients have been specially adapted to fit the very different intention and swimming behaviour: the protein content has been raised to 28 % and the fat content to 10 % so that the animals can build up their energy reserves. Instead of spirulina, as in spring, they now receive fish oil to build up their energy reserves. Instead of corn they are given easily digestible wheat in autumn. With this food the fish receive significantly more energy than their metabolism needs; it is the exact opposite of a diet. The feeding quantity for all JBL ProPond foods is indicated on the side of the bag: 5 koi with a body length of 15 to 35 cm for instance need between 7 and 24 g per day. Only when the water temperature drops below 15 °C should you add winter food, and when it sinks below 10 °C you can completely switch to feeding JBL ProPond Winter. But for now enjoy the beautiful autumn time and don’t forget to get your fish ready for the winter.

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