Weatherproof solar feeder for all koi and pond fish

  • Accurately feeds your pond fish the amount of food you set, up to 24 times a day (e.g. for juvenile fish), reliably and independent of the electricity supply
  • Mount, programme feeding times and quantities (10 steps), fill with food and set throwing range to 0.5 or 1.0 m. Manual feeding possible
  • Energy source selectable: use built-in solar panel with rechargeable battery or connect directly to power source via 5 m mains cable. With recessed grips for convenient handling
  • Can hold up to 25 litres of food. Water temperature (important for the type of food) is indicated on the digital display by the included temperature sensor
  • Package contents: ready-to-operate automatic feeder with solar panel, power supply and water temperature sensor. 2 red LEDs indicate low food in the container. Dimensions: 375 x 375 x 462 mm
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Product information

An automatic feeder for pond fish offers many advantages: Your Koi and other pond fish are reliably supplied with food when you are away on holiday or on weekend trips. You decide when and how much the JBL automatic feeder has to feed. But you can also ignore the set programme at any time and start feeding manually.
The selectable throwing range ensures that even the slightly smaller or weaker pond fish are fed.

The water temperature sensor (included), which you can position in any water depth up to 3 m, shows you the water temperature digitally on the waterproof display. So you can always select the right food to suit the prevailing water temperature.
The JBL proPond food concept has been developed to take the season, water temperature, living conditions and size of the fish into account.

The JBL ProPond AutoFood is completely weatherproof and rainproof.



Art. no.:
EAN Code:
25 l
Volume packaging:
84 l
Gross weight:
9829 g
Net weight:
8680 g
Weight factor:
Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):
415/515/470 mm


Animal species: Terrapins, Tropical Terrapins, Turtles, koi, Goldfish, Veiltails, sterlets
Animal size: For all animal sizes
Animal age group: All pond fish
Material: plastic (material mix: SAN,ABS,POM,PE)
Colour: black

Electronic label / illuminant

Mercury: No
Dimmable: No

Technical Data

capacity in litres:25 l
capacity from - to:24 Fütterungen pro Tag
power output in Watt:10 W
Height:470 mm
Length:360 mm
Width:410 mm
voltage:9 V
Changing food in the automatic feeder for pond fish – Important points.

If you add a new type of food to your JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD, you need to observe the maximum granulation of 9 mm. Fill up to 25 l of food into the automatic feeder, make the settings for up to 24 feedings per day and set the throwing range to 0,5 m or 1 m. Heavy and large granulates can behave differently to small ones. It’s best to make a few test feeds and note how much you are dispensing. Do not use too large flakes and granules as this will lead to a clogging of the screw conveyors. If you keep an eye on the general conditions, you can use almost any standard feed for koi and garden pond fish. They will not have to restrict their diet in any way.

Are there accessories missing from my box of JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD?

No, you can rest assured. The power supply unit and the temperature sensor are in the storage compartment (1a) in the food container (1). See picture.

How long does the battery of the automatic pond feeder keep?

The JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD automatic feeder for garden ponds has an integrated battery with 7200 mAh. The additional integrated solar panel charges the integrated battery in daylight and sunlight. Provided that no light at all reaches the panel, the battery is able to supply food several times a day for a period of over a week. Depending on the quantity, up to three weeks of self-sufficient feeding can be possible. Since the battery even charges in winter, the device can work absolutely self-sufficiently and does not usually require any electrical connection.

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Feeding koi automatically - An automatic feeder at the garden pond

If you have a job, other commitments and other hobbies, you will not be able to cover the feeding intervals yourself seven days a week. An automatic feeder, such as the JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD, can reliably help with this, even when you are not on holiday. You will also experience behaviour in your fish that you have never seen before.

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The Outdoor Automatic Feeder for Pond Fish - JBL PROPOND AUTOFOOD

An automatic feeder for pond fish offers many advantages.

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spare parts
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