The aquarium size

Shot glass or swimming pool - how large should your aquarium be?

It’s up to you what size aquarium you choose, but you need to take the following into account in order to provide a suitable home for your fish and invertebrates: The German Animal Welfare Act prescribes that vertebrates (fish) need to be kept in aquariums with a minimum volume of 54 litres. For invertebrates, such as shrimps, there are no provisions. In general it can be said that it depends on your choice of animal stock. If you want to keep large fish, such as angel fish, the aquarium needs to be at least 50 cm high and 100 cm long. If you want fast swimming fish, e.g. rainbowfish, the aquarium should also have a length of 100 cm, but it doesn’t need to be as high. Goldfish can reach 30 cm (!!!) in length and need suitably large aquariums. Please research the demands of your fish and then the suitable aquarium size for them.

Exemplary themed aquariums

We have prepared a few aquarium types for you. Have a look and see if you like any of them. As a rule the species and number of the animals determine the aquarium size.

Typ akvária džungle JBL Rio Pantanal®

A bit of jungle river in your living room. Lively underwater action! No problem with the JBL Rio Pantanal® aquarium

Typ akvária skalnatých útesů JBL Malawi Rock®

The fish of Lake Malawi are as colourful as the fish in the coral reefs. This aquarium brings a bit of freshwater reef into your living room

Typ akvária s karasi stříbřitými JBL Goldfish Paradise®

Lively goldfish in the aquarium enhance any room perfectly! Invite some new flatmates into your home with this goldfish aquarium

Typ akvária na aquascaping JBL Dreamscape®

Mountains, valleys, meadows and fish! Create your dreamlike landscape under water with the Dreamscape® aquarium

Typy akvarijních biotopů (životní prostředí)

A real piece of the Amazon or, with the Congo, a piece of the heart of Africa. A habitat (biotope) aquarium is a challenge. Can you emulate nature?

Akvárium s mořskou vodou

Holiday at the coral reef - in your own living room! Marine aquariums are the most exciting branch of aquatics