Inserting the aquarium plants

Here’s how to insert plants properly

To insert plants is actually not difficult – it’s just a bit tricky! Anyone who has ever inserted aquarium plants may have experienced them floating up to the surface again soon afterwards or the roots protruding from the substrate in an unsightly way.

Here’s how to do it properly and easily

The newly acquired plants are either in small pots or are wrapped with lead tape. Please remove the lead tape, the pots and the rock wool the plants come in. With the help of scissors JBL PROSCAPE TOOLS S STRAIGHT you can easily and quickly scratch the rock wool away form the roots. The rock wool is heavily impregnated with fertiliser and would promote algae in your aquarium.

The lead tape is also unwelcome since a very low pH value can develop in the root area, which could lead to a release of lead ions which are toxic for fish and plants.

Please remove dead or damaged leaves, even if only a few leaves are left. It’s better to remove one leaf too many than one too few!

Press a fertiliser tablet ( JBL PROFLORA Ferropol Root ) deep into the root area to promote the rooting and repeat this direct root fertilisation every month. Supplement the root fertilisation six months later with a long-lasting fertiliser ball ( JBL PROFLORA 7 kuliček ). The long-term fertilisation needs to be repeated every six months. Please prune the plant roots with scissors ( JBL PROSCAPE TOOLS S STRAIGHT ) to about 3-4 cm and insert the plants with long pincers ( JBL PROSCAPE TOOLS P CURVED ) deeply into the soil and pull them up again so that the roots are vertical and the bottom of the plant is situated at the substrate border.

Plant pegs ( JBL PROSCAPE PLANTIS ), which you can use to anchor plants in the soil, will help If the plants in the soil haven’t got enough hold or are pulled out again by fish or the current.

Please remove stem plants, which you mostly get taped together as a bunch from the lead tape and insert them individually but in groups. Don’t remove them from the lead and press the whole bunch into the soil. The single plants would not have enough room to develop!

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