Liquid sun protection for your pond prevents algae

Is your pond clear – with no algae in sight? Perhaps you were just lucky or you have completed an algae treatment successfully. In either case there’s one thing you don’t need: algae!

Along with the stability of your pond water (you will find more information in this blog post: Sudden drop in acidity: danger lurks in your pond after heavy rainfalls ) the discharge of nutrients plays an essential role. Even small amounts of phosphate can make the algae sprout “over the banks”. Whether filamentous carpets or green water – phosphates help algae to grow. The following blog post shows you how to curb this nutrient: Phosphate: The cause of tomorrow’s algae is in your pond now. .

Assuming you have dealt with both issues, then only the sun as motor for algae growth is left. No sun, no algae! Less sun, less algae, even if sufficient nutrients are present.

That’s the reason that many pond owners and koi enthusiasts use shade-sails or large sunshades. These weaken the intensity of the direct sunlight and reduce the hours of sunshine.

Anyone who is not able to do this can use the liquid sun protection JBL AlgoPond Sorb . Compare it to sun glasses for the pond. A natural colouring extract, gained from peat, is added to the pond water. The pond water turns amber and withdraws certain spectral components, beneficial for algae growth from the incoming sunlight, just as sun glasses do to shelter your eyes. This helps you prevent algae growth.

The hardness and the pH value of the water are not affected. A positive side-effect – the active iodine and vital substances contained also promote the fish’s health.

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