The Right Food Quantity - Complete or Combined Food

With the JBL ProPond Season Foods (AllSeasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) you have purchased a complete and optimal diet for your pond fish. There are, however, also transitional periods in the course of the year, or you may wish to promote the growth, the colours or the fitness of your fish more.

The following table shows you which foods can be combined with each other. In a nutshell: Please NEVER supplement your Winter or Summer Food with other foods below 15 °C and above 25 °C. Function Food and Goodies are an ideal complement at 15-25 °C.

You may also mix, say, Spring Food with Summer Food during the change of seasons. In this case, please follow the recommended total food quantity, mentioned in g or kg.

If you would like to promote the growth of young koi more you may feed them exclusively with JBL ProPond Growth. The JBL ProPond Function Food has been designed so that it is ideally suitable as complete food. You have the choice!

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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