Algae Control 1-2-3 algae free

A few algae in the pond do not pose a problem and even form a component of a healthy pond. But once the water turns green or „blanket weed“ algae become rampant, you then have a problem which needs fixing. Effective and longterm algae control consists of three steps.

Step 1:

Stabilise the water by adding minerals to adjust the pH value of the water to enable the anti-algae agent of the second step to be effective. At too high a pH level the anti-algae agent won’t work effectively, and extreme, short-term changes in pH value will endanger the stability of the biotope! In the evening before you add the anti-algae agent, add JBL StabiloPond KH to your pond water. This way your pH level will be stabilised and brought into a range where the anti-algae agents have an optimal effect.

Step 2:

Now add the anti-algae agent, preferably aimed against the dominant type of algae. If there are several types of algae JBL AlgoPond Forte is the best choice. Should you have a problem with suspended algae (green water) please use JBL AlgoPond Green . For „Blanket Weed“ (green threaded formations on the bottom, plants and stones) please choose JBL AlgoPond Direct .

It is generally important to add your chosen anti-algae agent to the pond IN THE MORNING. This is because the pH value of the water is the lowest in the morning and therefore the anti-algae agent can work most effectively then. Doing this in the evening would be counterproductive since the pH value rises in the course of the day and would restrict the agent’s effectiveness.

Step 3:

The third step relates to the removal of the algae nutrient phosphate. As soon as step 2 takes effect and the algae die, they release back into the water the nutrients they have absorbed during their growth.

This provides an abundant food supply for the next algae generation. A phosphate remover ( JBL PhosEX Pond Filter , JBL PhosExPond Direct ) helps you prevent these nutrients from reaching the next generation of algae and therefore stops their ability to come back: the algae can’t grow back anymore!

JBL grants a functional guarantee on this 1-2-3 algae-free concept. It turned out in the many comments we received that 80 % had used the wrong dosage because they had IMPROPERLY estimated the number of litres of their pond! On the JBL homepage you can find a pond volume calculator which precisely determines the number of litres of your pond: Jezírková laboratoř / kalkulačka

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