JBL ProPond Film - Seasonal Feeding

The film team has just finished the JBL ProPond feeding film ( ProPond / NEO INDEX® ) and is already on their way to New York. Experience in a four-minute film what is special about a seasonal food program.

Beginning with spectacular underwater shots taken at a koi breeder’s in Japan, including a visual presentation of nutrition information for the individual seasons and then some koi pond footage. A particular challenge was to put all the knowledge about protein-fat ratio, sinking/floating food, ingredients and water temperatures into practice in such a way that the film does not last longer than four minutes and is still exciting to watch. Decide for yourself whether you think we managed!

© 14.03.2019
Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

Tauchen, Fotografie, Aquaristik, Haie, Motorrad