Marine water care

Maintaining a marine aquarium

For many people it sounds unbelievable when experienced experts say that a marine aquarium needs LESS maintenance than a freshwater aquarium! But this is true since the total plant care with its fertilisation and the trimming of the plants is no longer needed.

The main maintenance for marine aquariums consists of the regular partial water change and the adding of trace elements and calcium/magnesium. Important is the monitoring of the salt content by means of a hydrometer as the salt content slowly increases through water evaporation.

You can find more information about marine water under Mořská voda - voda . Here you can see which information is important concerning water and how you can start a marine aquarium

You will find more information under Hodnoty vody . Here you can see in detail what water values there are, what they mean and how to optimise them

Depending on the quality of your tap water you can simply refill tap water or you can build up a stock of osmosis water. This osmosis water stock (also for mixing fresh marine water for the partial water change) causes the biggest arguments in many a family! It may not be stored in the bathroom; there is no space or water connection in the cellar – where should it go then? This important question needs to be answered to keep the peace at home.

In established reef aquariums with low fish stock you can even go away for a few days without needing your neighbours or an automatic feeder to feed your animals.

Generally it can be said that for the purchase of a marine aquarium the right technical equipment may cost more money than for a freshwater aquarium but in the long-term you will have a well-functioning and worry-free aquarium. This is explained in the following section:

Mořská voda - technika

What is the difference between a marine and a freshwater aquarium? What is especially needed for a marine aquarium?