(Vodní) čerpadla

(Water) Pumps

Water pumps for every purpose

Most water pumps are used as flow pumps so that your fish or corals get the same current in their marine aquariums, as in their natural habitats.

There are many other applications for water pumps


Some aquariums have bio-filters installed as a separate chamber. A water pump is necessary to pump the water again out of the filter chamber. With JBL you have the choice between different pump sizes: Vodní čerpadla

Water change

For your partial regular water change, you need a pump if your aquarium is situated below the level of the WC or sink etc., that you intend the water to flow into. Only pumps that can be fitted with a hose on the suction inlet are suitable for this purpose. In this case, JBL offers the following models: the JBL ProFlow u800 / JBL ProFlow u1100 and JBL ProFlow u2000 .

Indoor fountains

If you find that the pump supplied is too small or need to be replaced, JBL has water pumps in various sizes and performance levels: Vodní čerpadla .

Flow pumps

Many freshwater fish, such as danionins, plecos or hillstream loaches love fast flowing water! Many breeding successes have only become possible with a significantly higher water flow in the aquarium . With the help of Vodní čerpadla circulation pumps you can replicate any desired flow rate in your aquarium. In marine water, flow pumps are absolutely necessary for the healthy growth of your corals, and to avoid waste depositing on the aquarium bottom and on your invertebrates. Ideally your pumps would be connected to a timer which makes them run in ebbs and flows. TOO MUCH flow hardly ever exists. It is important that the marine water current does not always come from the same direction.

If your fish are pressed against the glass pane, then the flow was too much.

Current in freshwater

Water currents can be very useful not only in seawater, but also in freshwater. Some fish, such as hillstream loaches and sucking catfish, have a body shape that suggests they are adapted to living in waters with strong currents.

Duhovkovití v Queenslandu

Some loach species, such as the difficult-to-breed clown loach, only spawn in strong currents! But a lot of other aquarium fish also love currents so much that breeding them is only successful when the aquarium current is increased! These include many barbs and danionins, many gobies and also some characin species.

Gastromyzontidae ve svém přirozeném biotopu ve Vietnamu
Chaetostoma ve svém jihoamerickém prostředí s velkým proudem

If you are not sure whether a fish species is current-loving, look closely at the fins. Deeply forked and sharply pointed tail fins are a good indication that a fish is current-loving.

Danioninae a jejich stanoviště bohaté na proudy v Asii
Mnozí trnobřiší také aktivně vyhledávají proud

The opposite would be, for example, puffer fish, gouramis, fighting fish, guppies or cichlids whose tail fin is curved outwards (e.g. dwarf cichlids).

Current in aquariums. How much is best? How important is the current?

How much current is the right amount in the aquarium? Biologist Heiko Blessin explains the importance of current in a tropical stream in southern Japan and measures the flow quality of pumps in the laboratory. How useful are filters and flow pumps really?

How do I create current in the aquarium?

We tend to believe that the filter backflow into the aquarium creates sufficient current. But this is not the case! Hold a sheet of paper in your aquarium and check how far away from the filter output there is still flow! You will be surprised!

If you attach spray bars or wide jet pipes to the filter outlet, the flow does NOT increase, it’s reduced! Therefore, please leave the water return pipe in the aquarium open and do not narrow it!

Podvodní fotografie na japonském ostrově Iriomote: Rhyacichthys aspro v extrémních proudech

The use of flow pumps can be a good way for current-loving fish to better replicate their habitat.

Quick filtration

If you change the decoration in the aquarium, clean the bottom or whirl up dirt in some other way a quick filter will not only help you to clear the cloudiness, but also to filter it out. For this you can connect JBL ProFlow u800 / JBL ProFlow u1100 or JBL ProFlow u2000 with the quick filter cartridge JBL ProFlow sf u800,1100,2000 .

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