Use helpful accessories for your pond care

Pond accessories

As always there are useful and less useful accessories. A few items will really be helpful to keep your pond beautiful and functional.

In order to feed your pond fish professionally you need to know how cold or warm your water is. The water temperature forms the basis for the selection of the right food. With a pond thermometer ( JBL Pond Thermometer ) you can quickly and conveniently see how warm your pond is. You can easily pull the thermometer towards you with a cord, take it out the water (it floats) and read the value.

To catch your fish you need catch nets. They are necessary if you have too many fish in your pond or you need to catch fish because of a disease. The JBL catch nets ( JBL podběrák na ryby dlouhý ) are very durable, available in 2 sizes and mesh sizes and they have telescopic handles. It’s easiest to catch your fish with two nets during a feed. The tamer your fish are and the more they are used to you hand feeding them treats like JBL PROPOND SHRIMP M or JBL PROPOND SILKWORMS M , the easier it will be to catch them.

In midsummer and winter you can solve the lack of oxygen in your pond very simply by aerating it. This also helps to prevent the pond freezing in winter. The JBL PondOxi-Set contains all the parts you need to aerate your pond effectively: air pump, 10 m hose and a floater which keeps the air stone at the right water depth. This is important because the air stone should never be situated at the deepest point where it would mix all the water layers. But the deepest part is also the coldest and therefore the water with the most oxygen content. Do not mix this with the warmer water. If you already have an aeration system you can purchase the floater separately ( JBL plovák pro zahradní jezírka ).