Výzkumem kupředu

For the development of products for aquariums, terrariums and garden ponds it is important to start off with information about the animals’ way of life and habitats as a basis. As a reputable manufacturer with very high standards JBL does not rely on dubious reports from the internet or information from outdated literature. That’s why JBL runs its own research center, employing experienced scientists, and also organises annual research expeditions to the home areas of the aquarium and terrarium animals, so as to build up our knowledge first hand.

Jak to všechno začalo


It all started in 1960 with a small specialist pet shop in Ludwigshafen, which Joachim Böhme, a trained chemist, beetle expert and aquarium enthusiast from Dresden, opened. This turned his hobby into a profession.

Historie firmy


Joachim Böhme was a qualified chemist and turned his hobby, aquatics, into a profession. After moving from Dresden to Ludwigshafen he set up a specialist pet shop from which the company JBL soon emerged. Here are the milestones of the company history:

To jsme my


JBL má přibližně 160 zaměstnanců v podniku v Neuhofenu, dále pak v evropských zemích jako Rakousko, Francie, Anglie, Nizozemsko, Belgie a Česká republika.


Der Startschuss bei JBL ist gefallen

Am 16. Januar ging die erste JBL ProPond Lieferung auf die Reise. JBL Geschäftsführer Roland Böhme ließ es sich nicht nehmen, einen persönlichen Gruß auf die Lieferung zu schreiben. Zwei Tage später nahm Norbert ...