Joachim Böhme was a qualified chemist and turned his hobby, aquatics, into a profession. After moving from Dresden to Ludwigshafen he set up a specialist pet shop from which the company JBL soon emerged.

Zde jsou nejdůležitější etapy historie společnosti:

Chovatelské potřeby

The opening of a small specialist pet shop in the Mundenheimer Str. in Ludwigshafen am Rhein (Germany). Joachim Böhme’s love of aquatic animals and his expert knowledge in the field of aquatics earned him many customers. Through the focus on aquatics the pet shop became a live fish wholesaler.


Název společnosti JBL

Fish diseases, especially the white spot disease, led Joachim Böhme, with his expert knowledge of chemistry and medicines, to produce his first remedy for ornamental fish. He took his initials JB and the L from Ludwigshafen for his company name and named the product JBL Punktol. This was the start of the company JBL. Products for tortoise and turtle food and “Die 7 Kugeln” for the plant fertilization followed.



Discontinuation of the fish wholesale business and a specialisation in JBL production articles and a wholesale product range for the pet supplies.



Move to Mannheim because of lack of space, arising from the permanent extension of the product range and a higher demand.


Další stanoviště

Our company expansion means we have outgrown our space. We have therefore opened an additional location in Ludwigshafen.


První řada krmiv pro ryby

Uvedení první oficiální řady krmiv pro ryby BRG (hnědá, červená, žlutá; barvy plechovek krmiva)


Jméno firmy

Změna názvu firmy na GmbH. Jeho syn Roland Böhme s stal obchodním společníkem.


Nákup pozemků

Initial purchase of a commercial space in the form of a developed plot in Neuhofen (current company office), which was completely renovated and ready to move in to within a very short time.


Produktový manažer

Po absolvování studií převzal Roland Böhme pozici produktového manažera v JBL.



Kvalita sortimentu rybího krmiva byla aktualizována na vyšší úroveň a pojmenována NOVO-Sortiment.


Předání řízení firmy

Po 3 letech provozních zkušeností předal Joachim Böhme řízení svému synovi, ale nadále zůstal ve firmě jako jeho poradce.


Výrobní zařízení

The rapidly growing range required an extension of the company headquarters and led to the construction of a new production facility.


Jméno firmy

Název společnosti se mění na dnes aktuální označení JBL GmbH & Co. KG.


SOLAR zářivky

Uvedení prvních zářivek JBL Solar. Nature as a model for the full daylight spectrum.


První expedice

První oficiální JBL výzkumná expedice do Manado na Sulawesi, Indonésie. Průzkum podvodní fauny s neuvěřitelnou rozmanitostí!


CristalProfi vnější filtry

Uvedení prvního JBL CristalProfi Vnější filtr s širokým výběrem filtračního materiálu.


Logistické centrum

Extension of the company premises with the construction of a 5600 qm logistics center and the opening of a research laboratory. The completion was celebrated on the occasion of the first Open House event with customers and friends of JBL.


1-2-3 bez řas

Launch of the 1-2-3 algae-free concept for ponds. JBL Vám zaručuje rybník bez problémů s řasama pokud se budete řídit našimi 3 kroky.



50 years ago JBL started off with a small specialised pet shop. The company quickly developed further to a wholesale company and became the well-known industrial company with a full product range it is today. Its 50th anniversary was celebrated with a major Open House event.



První JBL krmivo s Click dávkováním. Always the right food amount, no more grabbing food with your fingers and your neighbour can easily take over the feeding while you are away


Zero-energy house

After 33 years the former administration building became a real passive house, powered without any external energy! We were able to reduce the heat and cooling output from 150 kWh/m2 to 24 kWh/m2 (= 16%) per year, by completely renovating the total building.


Online analýza vody

JBL sets up a fully online laboratory, 365 days a year, free of charge, and scientifically verified, which evaluates water analyses and gives tips for solving problems.


Online nemocnice

Findings in the field of fish pathology, photos of ill fish and the JBL remedy range „plus“ led to the first online hospital. With the help of this, any aquarium enthusiast and pond owner can diagnose fish diseases free of charge.


Sociální média

Spuštění prvních sociálních médiálních kanálů pro přímou komunikaci se spotřebitelem. Our team is there to help and provide deeper insights into the world of JBL 24/7.


Náhradní díly obchod

To relieve its specialist retailers and to supply aquarists very quickly with spare parts at a recommended sales price, JBL offers a direct order service for spare parts on its homepage.


Online meets offline

Start of the annual fan meeting at the production site Neuhofen. 25 JBL fans receive the opportunity to get to know more about the company. An exciting program lasting 24 hours is offered on site, with unique insights into the company and its partners.



Spuštění série ProScape. VYBAVENÍ PRO PROFESIONÁLNÍ AQUASCAPING Every aquarium enthusiast eventually comes to the point where he wants more than „just“ an aquarium with fish and plants. They possibly want to reproduce an overwater landscape of a mountain range with forests or a special biotope in their aquarium. This is the first step to becoming a ProScaper!



Launch of the first water tests with a smartphone app for entering the water parameters.


New building extruder hall

Following the motto „Fit for the future“ a new production landscape of about 2000 m² is going to be built. This will result in the modernisation of the complete animal feed production. It is the largest project in the company history. A live documentation of the construction project 21211 New Building Extruder Hall can be followed online for a year: Návrh stavby


Série ProFlora CO2

The new ProFlora CO2 series introduces two great innovations. A pH controller with touch control and an inline diffuser to conceal CO2 dissolving in the water column. The existing products have been completely updated and contain numerous innovations.


Sortiment ProCristal

Nové technické výrobky pro křišťálově čistou vodou.


Responsive Website

The new JBL homepage has nearly 15,000 comprehensive and helpful product and information pages, which are premium viewing enabled (responsive web design) on any device, from smartphone to film screen. Brilliant pictures for retina displays and extensive background knowledge help the consumer to greater success with their hobby. The new company blog allows users to engage with JBL experts and ask questions.