JBL Algol
Přípravek k úpravě vody na likvidaci řas ve sladkovodních akváriích

  • Pro čistou vodu ve sladkovodních akváriích: Likviduje rychle a efektivně všechny druhy řas
  • Při správném používání bez škodlivých účinků na ryby a mikroorganismy
  • Křišťálově čistá voda. Na všechny druhy řas
  • Aplikujte pouze ráno. Doporučujeme aplikovat před částečnou výměnou vody z 30 %. Během aplikace zajistěte provzdušňováním dostatečný přívod kyslíku.
  • Obsahuje: 1 láhev Algol. Aplikace: 10 ml/40 l vody. Příklad: 60 l akvárium: 15 ml
základní cena 7,30 EUR / 100 ml
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základní cena 5,27 EUR / 100 ml
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Informace o produktu

Správné a dlouhodobé odstraňování řas
Nadměrná tvorba řas bývá často důsledkem přemíry živin (fosfátů a dusičnanů) ve vodě. Proto je odstraňování řas účinné, pokud je prováděno vždy ve dvou krocích: Odstranění řas přípravkem JBL Algol a bezpečná likvidace jejich živin. K tomu je vodné použít přípravek JBL PhosEx ultra nebo JBL PhosEx direct. Tvorbě řas lze doplňkově zabránit také vysazením živočichů požírajících řasy, jako jsou sumečci, garnáti a šneci.


JBL Algol 100 ml

č. výr.:
EAN kod:
100 ml
Objem vody:
400 l
0.230 l
Hrubá hmotnost:
124.000 g
Čistá hmotnost:
100 g
Faktor hmotnosti:
Rozměry (l / h / b):
30/125/60 mm

JBL Algol 250 ml

č. výr.:
EAN kod:
250 ml
Objem vody:
1000 l
0.460 l
Hrubá hmotnost:
293.000 g
Čistá hmotnost:
252 g
Faktor hmotnosti:
Rozměry (l / h / b):
33/180/78 mm
Is JBL Algol harmful for my shrimps?

Negative effects of JBL Algol on freshwater shrimps cannot be ruled out, especially on sensitive dwarf shrimps.

In what intervals can JBL Algol be dosed ?

We recommend an interval of 7 days when dosing JBL Algol again. Please ensure that a water change of 50-70% is carried out before each dose.

Please note that we cannot rule out adverse effects on aquatic plants after repeated applications. Furthermore JBL Algol does not eliminate the cause of emerging algae growth. For this please examine the care and maintenance of your aquarium.

I have a lot of algae in my cichlid tank. Unfortunately, one-time treatment with JBL Algol did not have any noticeable effect.

With reference to algae in cichlid tanks. That is a permanent problem, because there is always an excess of nutrients in aquariums with few plants. It may be necessary to add more doses of JBL Algol, more or less at weekly intervals. Please make sure you always carry out a 50 % water change beforehand and ensure the aquarium is well aerated.

How do mosses react to JBL Algol?

When dealing with mosses, one must always reckon with sensitivities to Algol, depending on the species, with this always applying to moss balls. Midget shrimps can also exhibit a sensitive reaction to Algol; our experience varies according to the species. The general water parameters are also important.

Can I kill off blue-green algae with JBL Algol?

Blue-green algae, that is quite a complicated matter.

As is generally known, blue-green algae are bacteria. They photosynthesise, just like plants. Blue-green algae are among the oldest organisms in the world. They would have been extinct a long time ago if they didn’t have a few special properties. For example, they influence the medium on which they colonise to their own advantage, i.e. manipulate the environmental parameters (which only very few organisms are able to do). This property has secured their survival. In their natural surroundings, blue-green algae are absolute niche inhabitants, which are always inferior to other organisms in competition.

Blue-green algae need light and nutrients, just like plants.

Blue-green algae, though, also need a substrate for colonisation to grown on. They are inferior to "normal" biofilms both in nature and in an aquarium and can only spread if the “normal” biofilm has been destroyed and has partially died off. Then they colonise quickly and consequently grow over the “normal” biofilm. As they change the water parameters under their own film, the normal biofilm dies off expansively, and the blue-green algae aquarium is born.

Algaecides are only effective against blue algae to a certain degree.

The only effective method currently known is deprivation of light, meaning full deprivation, to which they exhibit a very sensitive reaction.

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JBL receives the European authorisation to sell anti-algae agents

Since the company was founded, JBL GmbH & Co. KG has been carrying out research in the field of water care for aquariums and garden ponds. The success of our care products and our acceptance to the Article 95 list of the European Chemicals Agency for the active substance monolinuron both confirm

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