JBL TerraGel
Vodní gel pro terarijní zvířata

  • Zdravý a bezpečný přísun pitné vody v teráriu: Pro malé plazy a pavouky
  • Smíchat prášek s vodou, dát do mikrovlnné trouby po dobu 1 až 3 minut, nechat vychladnout - hotovo
  • Čistě přírodní produkt z mořských řas, bez chemických zbytků
  • Volitelná konzistence gelu: Obsah vystačí na max. 3 litry hotového gelu
  • Balení obsahuje: Vodní gel pro terarijní zvířata, TerraGel
základní cena 377,33 EUR / kg
Doporučená prodejní cena vč. DPH
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Informace o produktu

Bezpečné a zdravé napájení vodou
JBL TerraGel zajišťuje optimální napájení malých plazů, pavouků a dalších obyvatel terárií vodou. Gelová konzistence chrání malé živočichy před utonutím a umožňuje tak jejich bezpečné napájení.

Přírodní produkt
TerrGel je přírodní produkt. Základem jsou přírodní mořské řasy bez nežádoucích chemických složek.
SNADNÉ DÁVKOVÁNÍ: 1 g prášku rozpusťte ve 100 ml vody.


JBL TerraGel

č. výr.:
EAN kod:
30 g
0.240 l
Hrubá hmotnost:
54.000 g
Čistá hmotnost:
30 g
Faktor hmotnosti:
Rozměry (l / h / b):
47/110/47 mm
Blog – názory & zkušenosti

Supply of water and moisture, water care

A side from light and heat, the drinking water supply, relative humidity and the right moisture of the substrate are very important for the animals’ well-being.


Mites and mould in the terrarium

Any terrarium owner can experience mites and mould. It isn’t always a problem, but can become one when …


Healthy Terrarium Animals

Terrarium pets can also become ill. For one, newly acquired pets may be infected with germs or parasites.


Auswahl der Tiere im Terrarium

Pets should be examined carefully before purchase in order to keep the risk of disease down to an absolute minimum. The following points should be kept in mind.


Feeding terrarium animals

In order to keep terrarium pets healthy, it is vital that they are fed in accordance with the needs of their particular species. This is the only way to avoid deficiencies e.g. rickets or illnesses caused by malnutrition (fatty liver, renal gout).


The fascination of terrariums - Terrarium Manual

Terrarium-keeping has experienced an enormous boom in the past twenty years. In the midst of the increasing hustle and bustle of our world, an island of nature in their homes offers many people an opportunity to relax while watching their terrarium pets after a long day of work.


Where do our terrarium animals come from, and why this is important.

In fact we could answer this question with “from all over the world”. After all many interesting terrarium animals also live in Europe. But most of them are protected species.

Stojí za přečtení

Terarijní zvířata

Here we will show you what demands the 25 most important terrarium animals make on your terrarium. Learn everything there is to know about size, food, light, heat etc. to ensure your animals’ comfort.

Terárium deštného pralesa

A breath of jungle in the living room. What’s important with a rainforest terrarium?

Pouštní terárium

Bring a breath of desert fascination into your living room! We’ll show you how easy it is to set up a desert terrarium

Terária pro hmyz a pavouky

Arachnids and insects require special terrariums which often don’t need to be particularly large.

Napodobení životního prostředí

Which type of habitat is easiest to reproduce in the terrarium?

Stanoviště terária a klima

Where’s the best place for the terrarium? How important is the climate in the terrarium?

Ventilace a regulace vlhkosti

How to ventilate a terrarium properly and how to adjust the humidity? Ventilation and moisture are the key to good pet ownership

Vlhkost vzduchu

Humidity is crucial for terrarium animals. We will explain how to adjust the humidity correctly

Péče o vodu a filtrace

The water in the drinking bowl and water section of the terrarium or aqua-terrarium must be clean. We’ll show how.

Typy konzumentů

Carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous animals? Which feeding types are there?

Živočišně druhy

Which species are suitable for a terrarium? What demands does each species have in the terrarium? Which animals are low maintenance?


In addition to the right equipment and technology, diet is certainly the most important factor for the well-being of your animals. Some principles should really ALWAYS be respected!

Kontrola zdravotního stavu

Most illnesses are not a serious problem if they are detected in time. Therefore, a daily check is the best prevention against problems and almost a guarantee for permanently healthy animals.


Most terrarium animals are so low maintenance that holidays are no problem at all. We will give you some tips on how to easily bridge a holiday season.


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