X JBL CristalProfi i200
Vnitřní filtr pro akvária do 200 l (nebo 120 cm délky)

  • Přímo k připojení k difuzoru a trubky s širokým výtokem.
  • Upevnění filtru pomocí magnetů (netřeba přísavky)
  • Modulový systém umožňuje prodloužení filtru (montážní výška 36,5 cm).
  • Velký filtrační objem díky optimálnímu tvaru patrony.
  • Nastavitelný výkon: 300 až 800 l/h.
Doporučená prodejní cena vč. DPH
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Informace o produktu
  • During the cleaning process the water content flows out completely through the valve system.
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X JBL CristalProfi i200

č. výr.:
EAN kod:
300-800 l/h
11 W
6.170 l
Hrubá hmotnost:
1572.000 g
Čistá hmotnost:
1362 g
Faktor hmotnosti:
Rozměry (l / h / b):
116/380/140 mm

Technická data

Why is the power consumption of the filter lower/higher than what is indicated on the packaging ?

Unfortunately, we must assume that the value displayed on your ammeter is incorrect. There are numerous ammeters which do not include the blank value (cosinus phi) in measurements correctly.

You can only determine the actual output of a filter with a corrected device or by multiplying the voltage times the current (amperes) that is measured:

V * A * cos Phi = W.

However, it is advisable to gauge the flow rate by litres for operation in an aquarium. The external filters have the following flow rates in a cleaned condition and with a hose length of 1.5 m:

CristalProfi e700: 350-400 l/h
CristalProfi e900: 380-450 l/h
CristalProfi e1500: 800-900 l/h

The magnets of the internal filter will not stay in place with a glass thickness of more than 10 mm.

The magnets have been tested extensively and hold securely in their corner in tanks with a glass thickness of up to 12 mm. It is often advisable to use 3 magnets if the glass is more than 10 mm thick so that they are secure enough and won’t fall off in case of a small jolt.

My filter won’t start back up again. What should I do ?

Please check the following: remove the pump head from the filter casing, remove the impeller cover and check whether the impeller is stuck. Remove the impeller and clean it and the impeller shaft. Afterwards reinstall the parts. Then shortly insert the plug into the socket. The impeller will run again and the magnetic force should be noticeable.

Does the filter restart on its own after a power shut off?

The filter (CristalProfi) starts up again on its own after a power shut off, but only if there is water in the filter circuit.

I have green water in my aquarium, and even water changes and changing the filter media only helps for a short time.

Green water means floating algae, which grow when they have no competition from other plants and, even more, when the excrement of the fish creates excessive nutrient pollution in the water. The filter will not be able to do much about this. Ultimately, there are only two possibilities:

1. Carry out significantly more water changes in order to remove the nutrients caused by fish excrement.

2. A JBL AquaCristal UVC clarifier kills off the floating algae.

A temporary measure is to switch off the light for 2-3 days in order to stop photosynthesis in the algae.

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