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* If you purchased your JBL PROPOND AUTUMN between 01 July 2019 and 20 March 2020, you can register it in this promotion. Simply follow the three steps, use the free JBL product registration and get your free JBL PROPOND WINTER bag in the next size down. The free product can be shipped to the following countries: Germany, Luxembourg and Austria


Natural, energy-optimised nutrition

Protein to fat ratio

Looking at the season alone, the fish would only need half as much protein in winter (2:1) as in summer (4:1).

But because not only the season (which means water temperature), but also the size and age of the fish, and food function (e.g. growth food) play determining roles, the NEO Index® has been developed to deal with all these factors in one.

Feed your animals throughout the year with the natural, balanced JBL ProPond fish food, to keep them healthy and active for the long-term. By supporting all their vital functions it ensures active, disease-resistant fish with vibrant colours. The food is highly digestible thanks to its prebiotic ingredients.


For our JBL ProPond pond fish food we set the highest quality requirements for the foods’ ingredients.

Same NEO Index® - different food

For our JBL ProPond pond fish food we set the highest quality requirements for the food’s ingredients. Every single component is examined in accordance with our specific JBL quality criteria before the high-quality ingredient is added. Especially important for us are the controlled cultivation, the freshness and the pollution control.

If you think, for instance, that the spring food (JBL PROPOND SPRING) has the same protein/fat ratio (3:1) as the autumn food (JBL PROPOND AUTUMN), a glance at the exact composition shows that they are not the same food in different packages but that the ingredients show significant differences.

The autumn food is a sinking food. The crude fibre and crude ash content are lower than in spring food to protect the digestive tract for the coming winter.


Complete or combined food


You may also mix, say, autumn food with summer food during the change of seasons. In this case, please follow the recommended total food quantity, stated in g or kg.

The following table shows you which foods can be combined with each other. In a nutshell: Please NEVER supplement your winter or summer food with other foods below 15 °C and above 25 °C. Function Food and Goodies are an ideal complement at 15-25 °C.

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