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Každý má své záliby, těmi mohou být i vaše zvířata. Proto jsme připravili „Piknikové koše“ přímo pro vaše miláčky. Vybírejte své záliby a následně odpovězte na soutěžní otázku níže. Pokud budete mít štěstí, čeká na vás doma brzy překvapení.

Začíná 24. srpna 2015!

Odpověď byla odeslána!

Soutěž již byla bohužel ukončena. Brzy zde však nejdete novou soutěž. Proto nás opět navštivte.

Stojí za to přečíst

Biotopy data

We have visited the biotopes of terrarium animals and documented the biotope data. Here you will find all the data collected from all over the world.


Lighting is THE key to good terrarium keeping. Do your animals need only light, or do they need heat and UV? Here are the answers.

Nemoci ryb

In case your pond fish fall ill, we will show you which disease it is, and how to combat it reliably here.

Péče o jezírko

The different seasons (at least in Central Europe) require different care measures. Even in countries where there are no cold winters with minus degrees, factors like rainy seasons, dry seasons or perhaps a summer with particularly high temperatures all play a decisive role for the garden pond.

Problémy s řasami

Why are algae a problem? What algae species can be found in the pond and how can you combat them effectively and for the long-term?

Vodní želvy

Turtles and tortoises are among the most popular of all terrarium animals and are despite (or even because of) their slowness absolute favourites for children too! A few points need to be remembered when keeping turtles, so that the animals feel comfortable, stay healthy and maybe even reproduce. We will give you tips and hints for their care.

Založení akvária

Založení akvária

Problémy s akvárii

Are you faced with algae problems or don’t your aquarium plants grow well? Is the water cloudy or are your fish ill? Don’t your water parameters correspond to your expectations? Our team of experts has thoroughly analysed the problems that occur in the aquatic field and offers you solutions which really work.

krmení ryb

The nutritional requirements of fish can differ as much as between dogs and hamsters. Here you will find comprehensive information on this important chapter about the feeding of aquarium fish.