PreOpening – JBL presents its new production hall

On Dec. 18, 2015 our general manager Roland Böhme presented the largest ever investment in the company history. That day, after the construction work had been completed, the new production hall with 2000 m2 and a height of 17m, into which over 15 million euros have been invested so far, was ceremonially opened and all the helpers and supporters were thanked personally.

With the words „We want to produce the world’s best fish food”, the son of our company founder clearly set the objectives. We aim to enhance our profile and to focus more on our core business, the production of food and care products.

Thanks to this new step we can now restructure and fully automate our production. To this end we have purchased a new extruder at a cost of over three million euros, and this will allow the manufacture of granules and new food types. The new plant also houses large raw material and finished product silos, grinders, drying devices, interim storage facilities and much more.

All this is completely in keeping with the latest EU production legislation. It will therefore also enable us to double our production volume within the next five years. To make this possible the JBL team will create six new vacancies, which will be filled by specialists.

The entire facility, however, will not be in operation before September 2016. Until then we will be integrating further components into the production line, trying out new feed formulations and fine-tuning the machines.

We have put together some first impressions of the hall and of the pre-opening here:

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Matthias Wiesensee
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