Corporate Philosophy

The JBL corporate philosophy is based on three premises:

  • Top quality
  • Integration of research results compatibility to nature and environment.

“Conduct your daily business in a way that lets you sleep peacefully at night.”

Joachim Böhme, founder of the company JBL

Today’s management continues to follow this principle of the company founder and father of the current General Manager, Roland Böhme. JBL is committed to its product quality and to fulfilling any claims its products make. Should any dissatisfaction arise, the product will be replaced and efforts will be made to see where improvements can be made.

“Our aim is to produce the world’s best fish food“

is what Roland Böhme says about the new building for the fish food production in 2016.

The annual research expeditions complement the laboratory findings. The practical tests in the rainforest, in the coral reefs or in the desert invariably lead to JBL developing new products or improving existing products. The research findings are passed on to the professional audience in professional journals and at congresses.

JBL cares for nature and doesn’t process whole fish, which have been especially farmed for this purpose or which have been taken from the wild. Instead JBL feed manufacturing uses margin pieces of fish fillet, leftover from food intended for human consumption. This pure fish protein is supplemented by minerals to provide balanced nutrition for the varying fish species. And this enables JBL to fine tune the protein/fat ratio of every food as required.