(Water) Pumps

Water pumps for every purpose

Most water pumps are used as flow pumps so that your fish or corals get the same current in the marine water, they are used to it in their natural habitats.

There are many other applications for water pumps


There are aquariums, where their bio-filters are installed as a separate chamber. A water pump is necessary to pump the water again out of the filter chamber. At JBL you have the choice between different pump sizes: Pumps

Water change

For your partial water change on a regular basis you need a pump if your aquarium is situated lower than the WC or the washbasin etc., you intend the water to flow into. Only pumps you can attach a hose at the suction side to are suited to this. In this case JBL has the JBL ProFlow u800 / JBL ProFlow u1100 and JBL ProFlow u2000 .

Indoor fountains

If you find that the pump contained is too small or need to be replaced, JBL has water pumps in various sizes and performance levels: Pumps .

Flow pumps

Many freshwater fish, such as danionins, plecos or hillstream loaches love fast flowing water! Many breedings were only possible with a significantly higher water flow in the aquarium . With the help of the Pumps you can imitate every desired flow situation in your aquarium. In marine water flow pumps are absolutely necessary for the healthy growth of your corals and so that no waste will deposit on the ground and your invertebrates. Ideally your pumps are connected to a timer which makes them run as it does in ebb and flow. TOO MUCH flow hardly exists. More important is that the marine water current does not always come from the same direction.

If your fish are pressed against the glass pane, then the flow was too much.

Quick filtering

If you change the decoration in the aquarium, clean the bottom or whirl up dirt in some other way a quick filter will not only help you to clear the cloudiness, but also to filter it out. For this you can connect JBL ProFlow u800 / JBL ProFlow u1100 or JBL ProFlow u2000 with the quick filter cartridge JBL ProFlow sf for u800,1100,2000 .