JBL Euro 2016 Competition - Join in and win

Football fever is breaking out all over Europe right in time for the Euro 2016. We want to support our German national team and are keeping our fingers crossed that it will make its way to the finals. There are a lot of hard matches awaiting the strong team. What will the result be? We’re sure you know better than we do! Bet until the start of the matches listed below. You can place your bet for every match of the German national team until the end of the countdown. Every time you bet correctly you’ll receive 3 points and a JBL fan package. If you bet the wrong score but the right result (e.g. 2:0 for Germany, but it ends 1:0) you receive 1 point. Join in for all the German national team’s matches, all the last sixteen matches, the quarter finals and the final. The day after each German match we will activate the next competition. At the end the 5 best participants will receive a JBL product voucher to the value of € 150.

Unfortunately the competition is finished already. Shortly you will find another competition here. Simply look in again later.


Interzoo 2016 –Bonding with ProHaru®

This post introduces you to another innovation. It is the product line ProHaru® which creates bonds in your aquarium, terrarium or pond to last a lifetime.

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Interzoo 2016 – Global Innovation JBL ProPond with the NEO INDEX®

This post is to introduce you to our new product line JBL ProPond with the NEO INDEX®. It is the only physiological-nutritional concept on the market.

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Sudden drop in acidity: danger lurks in your pond after heavy rainfalls

Kaum ein Thema ist aktuell präsenter als der starke Regen. Überschwemmungen sind in ganz Deutschland ein Thema. Auch für Ihren Teich bedeutet der Regen eine große Veränderung. Durch die Verdünnung mit Regenwasser sinkt die Karbonathärte des Teichwassers.

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Interzoo 2016 – Introducing JBL’s innovations at the world's leading trade fair

From May 26 to May 29, 2016 the world’s leading trade fair Interzoo opened its doors for the 34th time in Nuremberg. The trade fair, exclusively aimed at the specialist trade, showcased product innovations from all over the world.

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That’s how the next JBL Expedition will develop

Today I would like you to participate in the planning of our expedition. And perhaps you have a few ideas which can help me/us!

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Algae carpets on the water surface: act now!

We are constantly being asked by pond owners for advice about how to deal with the problem of algae carpets on the water surface.

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The first details are emerging: Expedition 2018 - Indian Ocean

Accompany the JBL research team to the jewels of the Indian Ocean: Madagascar, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Mozambique!

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ProScape – More than just Aquascaping

JBL has divided traditional aquascaping into three groups, because the three variations cannot be compared to each other in a competition.

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