Expedition 2006 - South Africa and Lake Malawi

JBL Expedition 2006 - South Africa and Lake Malawi

Whale watching

Expedition 2006 - Whale watching

Every year in September whales gather just off the beach at Hermanus. The area is well-known as the best place for whale watching. It is only recently that a few skippers have been given a special license to conduct whale watching tours with their boats.

The JBL Team was on the boat in the small village of Gansbaai at the early hour of 7a.m. and it only took 15 minutes before the first whale were spotted. Most of the whales were Southern right whales, which can be up to 18 m long. The creatures are quite inquisitive and closely observe the visitors. In the past, whale catchers had an easy target.

It was simply the “right” whale to hunt. A whale trip lasts about one hour and offers plenty of opportunities to observe whales.