Submit a Help Request

Should you have any problems or questions concerning a JBL product or your hobby, the JBL expert team in the customer service center will support you with individual advice. In the most cases you can expect a reply within 48 hours (on workdays). Most matters can be solved in one correspondence step. After your request has been ticketed in our system, we will, if necessary, call you. The individual talk with the JBL expert can only be carried out successfully when you have your documents complete and to hand. It is therefore important that no background information is missing. A phone call without having registered a ticket in our system is neither possible nor useful.

In the case that we cannot solve the problem in writing we offer you the opportunity to have your JBL product repaired/inspected at the JBL works. The fault will be diagnosed and fixed within a few working days and your device will soon be returned to you.

Please provide all the required information (e.g. error description, date and place of purchase, serial and batch number, your address and phone number). Only then will we be able to deal with the matter successfully.

The expert team is looking forward to helping you!

Please contact our after sales service as follows: