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Read the latest press releases and see the pictures about the innovations in the aquarium segment. There are film clips to show you how the new aquarium products work and how to use them.

Small marine water test case for fish enthusiasts


Not all marine aquarium owners are used to looking after corals as well as fish. Sometimes they only concentrate on the water values which are relevant for the fish’s health.

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New JBL marine aquarium lighting – blue means non-actinic


Marine aquarium keepers long for something that simply does not exist: They dream of a blue tube which simultaneously emits maximum actinic radiation to enhance the fluorescence effect of the corals.

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The new JBL Precision Hydrometer lives it up


The JBL Precision hydrometer set for measuring salt density in marine water aquariums contains a measuring cylinder with which measurements can be conducted outside of the aquarium. It is very challenging if not impossible to take a ...

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