The JBL Easter Competition

From March 20, 2016 until April 17, 2017 you can have fun uncovering the matching animal pairs behind the JBL Easter eggs. With a bit of luck the JBL Easter Bunny will select you as one of the three winners on Easter Sunday. In addition we will award the fastest Easter egg seeker.

Unfortunately the competition is finished already. Shortly you will find another competition here. Simply look in again later.


Mike Hillebrand, Rozenn Montron, Bjoern Hartkopf


  • 13.6 seconds - Olivia Secher
  • 14.0 seconds - Brian Jakschik
  • 14.1 seconds - Menno Pieper
  • 15.3 seconds - Jan Kirchhoff
  • 15.3 seconds - A. Mol
  • 15.4 seconds - Dominik Herbst
  • 15.9 seconds - Brunhilde Jahn
  • 16.7 seconds - Daniel Hofmann
  • 16.8 seconds - Stefan Diehl
  • 17.1 seconds - Laszlo Kis-Igari
time: 0 seconds
cards: 0/8

Here's how it works:

Just enter by April 17, 2017 and with a bit of luck you can win one of three goods voucher to the value of €300 for JBL products. You may choose from the complete JBL product range and redeem the prize at once. The winner will be drawn from the pool of participants.

Applicable are our current Conditions of participation.


The season has started

The quarantine period at the dealers is over and the well acclimated, healthy and well fed animals are moving to their new home.

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From practical experience: the right substrate for breeding

Our pair of desert iguanas (Diplosauus dorsalis), Martha and Norman, are very much at home in the building that houses the JBL lab, and now we’ve found eggs in a hollow there.

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Event Report: Master School of Aquarium Design 2017

Aquatics is a hobby full of emotions, creativity and fun. Numerous competitions to set up aquariums in all kinds of styles have sprung up during the last few years. Whether locally or in the internet – competitions are a ten a penny.

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New JBL Herbil - Who said tortoises are slow?

Our South East UK representative, Frederic Rassineux went to visit some of our customers to show them the New JBL Herbil, complete tortoise food and what a success it was!!

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Koi Transport Part 3: From the airport to the garden pond

Before the customers can admirer their koi in the garden pond it will have passed through up to 52 hands. This is very stressful and a good immune system is imperative to ensure that it doesn’t end up diseased.

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